Chamber Committees

The Chamber gives you a seat at the table to engage with community leaders, learn from your peers and gain visibility with potential customers. Committee involvement is a very effective way to establish yourself as a community leader and create lasting connections with other business leaders while working towards common goals.

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BUSINESS-EDUCATION PARTNERSHIP – Chair: Chris Snider | Vice Chair: Shannon Dixon
The committee works year round on educational issues involving curriculum, finance, and facilities. Staffed by Rusty Brockman.

MILITARY AFFAIRS – Chair: Susan Gandy | Vice Chair: Jim Whitmore
This committee holds receptions honoring the Randolph Air Force Base Airman of the Quarter and the Airman of the Year. Staffed by Laurie Wehring.

RETIREES ARE PROGRESSIVE (RAP) COUNCIL – Chair: Don Miller | Vice Chair: Gary Kirkham
The council provides an opportunity for retirees to stay engaged with the Chamber and the community. Staffed by Phyllis Foerster.


BUSINESS ADVISORY – Chair: Scott Jauregui | Vice Chair: Jason Chesser
This committee reviews and plans opportunities to keep small businesses updated and aware of current business interests and topics. Staffed by Laurie Wehring.

BUSINESS TRADE SHOW – Chair: Lori Archer | Vice Chair: Dani Fuselier
This committee plans the Annual Business Trade Show, held in September, as an opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and services. Staffed by Laurie Wehring.

SMALL BUSINESS WEEK – Chair: Coby Baese | Vice Chair: Susan Skinner
This committee promotes the importance of small business in our community by honoring a Small Business Person of the Year. Staffed by Laurie Wehring.


GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS – Chair: Dawn Butrym | Vice Chair: Coby Baese
This committee focuses on local, state and national issues that are important to business and have an impact on the local area. Staffed by Michael Meek.

NATURAL RESOURCES – Chair: Barbara Lackey | Vice Chair: Suzanne Williams
This committee works on water, air, and soil conservation as major components of a sustainable New Braunfels business community. Staffed by Rusty Brockman.

TRANSPORTATION – Chair: Art Brinkkoeter | Vice Chair: Ian Perez
This committee’s primary task is to be a catalyst/promoter of new and expanded roads in our trade area. Staffed by Rusty Brockman.


AWARDS COMMITTEE – This committee selects recipients of the Besserung and Hall of Honor Awards.

CONVENTION & VISITORS BUREAU – This committee has the responsibility of increasing, improving, and expanding products for the local visitor industry by attracting leisure, business and group travel, especially during the fall and winter seasons. Staffed by Judy Young.

CVB STRATEGY & STEERING – Chair: Nathan Manlove | Vice Chair: Keith Morgan
This committee functions as advisory group to CVB staff and Chamber board by evaluating progress and receiving input from CVB committees and staff. Staffed by Judy Young.

The Task Force continues to bring together stakeholder groups that recommend lake levels and releases and other river flow issues impacting the visitor industry. Staffed by Judy Young.

LEADERSHIP NEW BRAUNFELS – Chair: Kellie Stallings | Vice Chair: Douglas Miller
This committee is responsible for the selection, programming and curriculum of the annual class of Leadership New Braunfels. Staffed by Laurie Wehring.

YOUTH LEADERSHIP NEW BRAUNFELS – Chair: Greg Lutz | Vice Chair: Susan Wetz
This committee is responsible for the selection, programming and curriculum of the annual class of Youth Leadership New Braunfels. Staffed by Laurie Wehring.

LNB ALUMNI – Chair: Greg Lutz | Vice Chair: Randy Martin
This committee supports and promotes the Leadership and Youth Leadership New Braunfels programs and plans annual Alumni events. Staffed by Laurie Wehring.

TEXAS LEGISLATIVE CONFERENCE – Arrangements Chair: Paula DiFonzo  |  Advisory Chair: Carlton Schwab
This committee conducts the Annual Texas Legislative Conference and Texan of the Year reception. Staffed by Michael Meek.


To join a Chamber committee you must be a paid representative and have filled out the Committee Preference Form. Please contact Phyllis Forester at (830) 608-2804 or Jennifer Watson at (830) 608-2818 if you have any questions.

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