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Calling New Braunfels home is one of the greatest feelings in the world! First of all, you’re a Texan, and in addition, you were smart enough to know a good thing and settled in the “beauty spot” of Texas.

Being a New Braunfelser means choosing to live local and requires active citizenry. Did you know that our little “burg” is home to the most non-profit organizations per capita of any other city in the State? There are so many opportunities to “engage” and become fully “vested” in our community. We have a tradition of taking care of our own and our neighbors. So visit the list of clubs and organizations and get involved – our founding fathers thought it was important and you should too. Don’t let them down.

Gemutlichkeit! Do you know what than means? It means fellowship, friendship, and fun. We work hard (generations of great work ethic) and we play hard (reward for that great work ethic). We will throw a part of “fest” for just about any reason and it always benefits one of our hard working non-profit organizations. So get off the couch, get out of your house, and play in your own backyard.

Rivers, a roundabout (circle, square, plaza), bridges, and tracks, are the cornerstones for navigating big NB! It is what makes us quaint. Navigating our fair “burg” can be entertaining but remember that inside the loop 70% of the streets and their names were platted back in 1845 on a European model. Think of it as a wagon wheel. The main plaza is the center and main streets go off that like the spokes and meet back up at the loop and I 35. Square block cities are boring! While you are enjoying the wagon wheel you will inevitably cross several times, what might look like the same river; wrong, two rivers, the Guadalupe and the Comal. Speckled throughout the journeys in town you will cross several railroad crossings. Now come this fall, the majority of those will be silent crossings; don’t know how some us will sleep without the horns?!

Flora and fauna; you only need to know one name, Ferdinand Lindheimer; a founding father and world-renowned botanist. He cataloged most of the plants used in today’s xeriscape. Xeriscaping will save you from having your landscape become a buffet for the bevy of whitetail deer in the hill country. Some of us enjoy them and those cute little babies that grace us every spring and summer. NB happens to also be on most of the major bird migratory paths in North America. Put up a feeder and sit back and enjoy.

In New Braunfels, ist das leben schoen (the living is good).

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